Your undies are often made of delicate cotton, lace and silk,they are fragile and you need to take care of them to keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

Ladies, we spend a whole lot of money on getting lovely lingerie and underwear, knowing how to take proper care of them will enable us use them well.

Understanding their quality and the adequate care they require is very important. It goes beyond knowing how they are to be washed, dried and stored, our undies require proper care and attention as they are closest to our most sensitive parts.

Here are some tips on how to do just that :- IMG_8065

Keep them separate from the rest of your clothes, if you keep them in a drawer, cover it with paper or fabric to prevent the wood from pulling on them or preferably put them in silk paper or cloth or other fabric.

Washing your underwear

It’s better to hand-wash your undies, but you can also machine wash them just make sure you regulate your washing machine appropriately else, it can damage them. In washing your undies and lingerie, remember to :-

  • – Separate colors, whites and blacks for each wash.
  • – Run the water, make sure that the water then soak for a few minutes.
  • – Only use gentle washing powder that lathers up without the need for rubbing. Wring out the wet pieces.
  • – Always rinse with hot water then cold water.
  • – Gently wring and dry flat on a towel or something that will absorb the water. Light pieces like muslin dry easily on a clothesline, outside or in.
    – Use washing powder for delicate fabric and make sure it doesn’t contain chlorine or perborate.
  • – Put your underwear in a net or a pillowcase to protect it before putting in the machine. Without any protection, your bra underwiring can tear fabric and ruin your washing machine.
  • – Don’t use tumble dryers. They ruin fabric, fade colors and shrink underwear.
  • – Always wash at a low temperature and select short programs for delicate fabric.
  • -Do not use bleach to whiten your underwear; it will discolor the delicate fabric.


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