Suits have always been in vogue but recently, it is loosing the stuffiness of the boardroom and getting eclectic. From retro to trendy, they’re becoming more statement-making than plain looking, and appealingly affordable too.

We are seeing a lot of great styles with high-waisted and wide-legged pants with broad shoulders blazers, as well as sportif updates that can be worn with sneakers and slip-ons. If you want to make an investment in your professional look, then be ready to forget about regular trends and think outside the box on this one. So pantsuits are in trend but you have got to know how to pair it and with the right accessories and pieces too.

Here’s how :-

  1. With a shirt or a sweater

537ac55a03706838c606a100f911480d  993695e3f9ff0e5da2db5708365568cd 2374ca9e4cc066b630066db5e0214eeb.jpg

2. With a statement accessory like a brooch or neck scarf or tie.

9aa26d567a349076e71d7201f6d05d18.jpg  Womens-Pant-Suits-2015-3-600x900

3. With a camisole, chiffon top or turtleneck.

29f6923704058f9b6364190199818be4.jpg  9778712e65c503a70051f5cc962fe8a2  aa7d89e11b2a0556a588995aa63d6cd8.jpg  Womens-Pant-Suits-2015-8.jpg

4. Suit alone, nothing underneath. (for the risk takers but not recommended for the office)


573184e83c1d0a0d10d599dabc38cc74.jpg  a4c5c7e293165ec8a8c4f2606667f4b6 Bridal-shower-dress-1024x1024


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