Many of us love see high-waist skirts as an outfit for those with nicely shaped hips. Pulling it off can be quite challenging if you don’t know how to pair right with the appropriate pieces and outfits.
High-waist skirts can make you look both elegant and professional, it is flexible enough to take you from casual look to formal look when you want to switch things up.

High-waist midi skirts styles can be paired with crop tops, button-down shirts and fitted blouses also work well with them. Keep in mind that the shape is important so when choosing a top to wear with a high-waist skirt, avoid anything too big or that has no waist definition. If your top is too voluminous, tuck it in for a better proportion. If tucking makes you uneasy, choose high-waist skirt without a lot of activity around the waistband or belt your waist.

If you want to add some dimension to your typical looks, go for skirts with creative prints. Prints and patterns can also express your mood and personality whether they’re classic, abstract, funky, quirky and such.

Loose styles of tops like chiffon blouses will still look great as long as they’re tamed. When wearing a printed skirt, better go for neutrals or darker shades on your top to provide a great backdrop for your prints or patterns. The best way to wear prints is to go for one printed and one solid-colored, but you may go for wilder styles like mixing prints together if you want to.

Here are a few ways you can rock the high waist skirt look.

1. With fitted tops, long or short sleeved 00c9bbc66e7b60585ff76c1f328b531d.jpg 2198ac76a982e1ebe7a52190d0d66de3.jpg a7c14c1bb06b05db1fa891b2db4b3c0a


2. Try simple shirts and blouses. 171fc5eff869db10baff731e027380ca  ankara-skirt-styles-Karen-All-1-1024x1024
3. With a blazer or jacket. doopie-819x1024

4. Style with denim. 51aef1e1095dfcc8183bb0ebfd0d2e03.jpg 

5. Style with prints.


6. Pair with a crop top or a simple chiffon top.550d888c64dbbfc2ed834b79bc129a66





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