The ankara fabric has evolved over the years, and as trends go by, it has never gone out of style nor will it. The ankara always finds a way to be infused into whatever trend is the rave of the moment, it is flexible like that.

You can wear it as a full style or pair it with a jean, top, skirt, trouser or incorporate it into an entirely different outfit as a turban.

It can be incorporated into any outfit, if you know how.

Here are a few  awesome ways, you can rock your ankara skirt…

  1. With a top 1474650232_345_Corporate-Ankara-skirt-styles-you-can-rock-to-the-office-on-Friday.jpg ankara4.jpg
  2. With a shirt or blouse.  ankara-skirt-styles-karen-all-1-1024x1024.jpg de073e2e20c4d2d66aa37120e3ba56c2.jpg imgbaf77cd9cc16aab6b6a1eb29f348c482.jpg MOQPEOW7UYhttpss-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.comoriginals9c2acf9c2acfded4188abc807f92f3e837648a
  3. With a jacket or blazer. doopie-819x1024.jpg 8dd6942c1ca64f1ac69b7803529fd441.jpg
  4. With a denim shirt or jacket.  9ed196ed88bfcc6b010bf59f6faaff44.jpg ankara_styles-1024x1024.jpg
  5. With a tank top or a crop top. 23e2308f982c93d1b7ce90fbf3d2fe60.jpg Ankara-Product-of-the-Day-Ivie-High-Low-Skirt-Set-by-N’omose-Couture-4.jpg f0bf10f817d195408ec89b2fbb180209.jpg _DSC0017.JPG

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