The bride is not the only one who gets the spot light at a wedding, it is a union of two people so the groom gets to share it too; hence, the need for him to look his best.

Here are a few tips on how to help your groom choose the prefect suit.

  1. Colors : – Choose a color that he would love, especially one that he would be able to wear again but if you are daring, opt for a different color that would make him look as good as you in your perfect dress. 9eaef52903e1300582b4f2e17df23186.jpg Groom-Inspiration-on-BellaNaija-Weddings-Suit-Gold-@amyanaizphoto-600x401
  2. Fit Matters: – The secret on how to pull off a suit is fit; this means that it’s highly important to wear a suit that compliments your body shape. 13d5e34041544b94918ca55c5f711ed5.jpg
  3. The Fabric: – A heavy material does not necessarily mean quality and expense. Suits made from wool are of a great quality, and maintain their shape over long periods of time. A linen suit keeps you cool and is highly breathable, cotton and polyester suits are both breathable to wear and adhere to a smart look. 3994b816efffd7a1bb488e558b2e185e.jpg
  4. The Season and centre: – The season that the event will take place should be considered when choosing your suit. If you are getting married during the rainy or dry season, you want a suit that will not irritate your skin from heat or not keep you warm; the event centre that will be used also should be considered, if it has a cooling unit or not. C9913-700x970.jpg
  5. Accessorize Your Look: – Accessories are just as important as the suit when it comes to completing your outfit, so take time to find the perfect additions and ensure they match your suit. Cuff-links add a touch of sophistication whilst a patterned tie can look great against a dark suit. A bright silk tie is ideal for adding a splash of color. Groom-Inspiration-on-BellaNaija-Weddings-Suit-Red-@photosbypeterbello-600x401.jpg 222bd020dc9ff81cd92c3c30dc48f559.jpg  a9f0c9913cd05f1ee7bfc280e1824a5a

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