Pulling off an all white outfit is not an easy feat, but it can totally happen. An all white outfit, has a way of  instantly adding an elegant and sophisticated vibe to your style and can be worn for all occasions not just for an all white themed party, wedding or bridal shower.

So here are a few tips on how to make it happen.

  1.   Play with textures and fabric, always makes a huge difference. Adesua-Etomi-Nigerian-Bridal-Inspiration-LoveWeddingsNG
  2. Accessorize with bold colours. 12d682388d0fc6ad5a0e695b9b6bfbf8--boyfriend-jeans-prep-style
  3. Wear nude or black undies so that whatever you have under is inconspicuous.bridal-shower-dress-madivas-3-1024x1024.jpg
  4. Wear jewelry and accessories that stands out. IMG_20171218_114148_195-540x650
  5. Go monotone, you can choose to make it your total look.bridal-shower-dress-madivas-1.jpg

Here are a few more all white outfit inspiration.




1487842687_ade (17).jpg









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