“Bridal shower” isn’t a theme, so instead of just eat, drink and be married. You can actually plan to make it an epic one.

Whether you are planning your own shower or a couple of friends, you can make it an epic one by making it a themed bridal shower by incorporating the bride’s favorite movie, artiste, designer, color or occupation. Here’s how;

Be Creative with the Menu: – Since it is a themed bridal shower, try and get snacks, drinks or food that portrays it. For example if you are throwing an Ankara themed shower, you might want to do local dishes or just stick with the bride’s favorite food.

Play Up the Decorations: – Make sure the decorations fit the theme you have picked. You might want to also pick a banner to portray your theme.

Plan Games and Activities: – Bridal showers are not boring with the right activities and games that the bride and all of you will have fun with using your theme as your guide. Take turns sharing stories about the bride and how you met her and some goodwill message, as she gets married.

Get gifts for the Bride: – Don’t just come empty handed, come bearing gifts for the bride.

Here are a few bridal shower theme ideas…










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