Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives; our outfit is not complete without our mobile phones, this is our reality. Of course like any good thing, it has its advantages and disadvantages but I am focusing on the advantages for now. Mobile phones are no longer seen as a luxury but a necessity, it expected of you to have one just as it is expected of you to have your bath every day, regardless of the brand, as long as it can receive calls, text messages, make calls and fit into your pocket or handbag, it is a mobile phone.

The use of mobile phones is another matter entirely, I was at an event recently and there was a performance going on, I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted because certain individuals were standing to record it, take pictures and snapchat. It was a little infuriating for me because I thought why come to an event if you would not sit to enjoy it but I guess they wanted to continue enjoying the performance after it had ended.

Imagine running into an old friend that you lost contact with, just an exchange numbers and a quick snap, and you have reconnected; or you come across an incident that you know telling it would not be enough, so you record it or take a picture and viola there’s evidence. For us Ladies, thanks to our mobile phones and perhaps social media, we never run out of the latest fashion trends and styles to imitate.

While it seems sometimes that the disadvantages of mobile phones outweigh the good, the truth is we are still better for it, here are a few reasons why:-

  • COMMUNICATION:- Before now, long distance relationships suffered because you could send letters and use a public phone except for the privileged who had the box phones in their houses. Now just by punching several numbers or words into your phone, you can reach your loved ones in a matter of seconds.
  • COMPANIONSHIP: – For those of us who are introverts, mobile phones have helped us avoid certain awkward situations or conversations. It also serves as a good way of passing time when you are stuck in traffic in Lagos.
  • MEMORIES: – As I said earlier, it helps create and keeps memories so they can be re-lived when we want by taking pictures or making videos.
  • APPS AND THE INTERNET: – It has helped opened the world to us and us to the world through social media, we can also communicate via emails with someone we have never met in another part of the world.
  • BETTER BUSINESSES: – A lot of people, companies and organizations can attest to the fact that without mobile phones, there won’t be certain businesses and their products and services would not go very far.
  • SAVES TIME AND ENERGY: – In our day to day activities, there are times before when we had to go to certain places to get certain things done but it is not so anymore, help is just a click away. Now if you want to go out, you can get a cab on Uber without even making a call or you can check twitter to know the traffic situation before going out. According to a study by Harris Interactive, the convenience of smartphone apps saves people an average of 22 days per year.

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