We are still celebrating women this month especially in a world where women are constantly relegated and put down. There a few strong women emerging against all odds to show other women, they too can succeed and make great impacts in life. These women, rising like the sun shining brightly, giving hope and changing lives just by doing what they love, reaching out and helping others succeed. These women use their successes as a tool to show young girls and other women how they too can succeed. One of such women is Linda Ikeji.


Linda Ikeji was born on September 19, 1980. An indigene of Nkwerre L.G.A. in Imo State, Nigeria. She was born the second of seven children in a humble family. She was raised in a Christian catholic home and at the age of 10, she began to write.  She studied English Language at the University of Lagos and to support herself through school and reduce the financial burden on her family, she did all sort of jobs from being a waitress, ushering at events to modeling and bar-tending.  Since none of these jobs paid much back then, she began modeling in 1998 but gave up in 2005. She worked as a fashion columnist for a struggling celebrity magazine, and after two years, she gave that up too.

Linda started in the entertainment industry as a model while studying in the University of Lagos; she modeled in some of the most fascinating fashion shows in the country and also did some outdoor advertisements. After graduation from the university, she began managing an agency, signing up models, training and getting them jobs.  While doing that, she started a magazine and the first issue was published in the 2006 but on realizing how expensive and stressful it was, she published only two editions and stopped.
Linda started blogging in 2006 as a hobby but she began doing it fully in 2007. She shared gists and interesting information with her readers for five years, after which her blog became one of the most visited blogs in the country.  Lots of people on a daily basis visit her blog for news, entertainment, celebrity gist, gossip and companies started placing adverts on her blog.
Linda said it took her four years of dedication to start making money from her blog, she said:

“I never for once even thought that I could make money from blogging. I didn’t begin blogging with the frame of mind that someday I would really make money from it. As a matter of fact, it never even crossed my mind. I never said to myself that, OK let me start blogging now and maybe in five years time, I would begin to see the dividends.”
Before she started making money from adverts, she begged her users to advertise their products and businesses for free but now the story is different because she boasts of a minimum of 1 million unique visitors each month to her blog. In August 2012, Linda was described as a success and a case study for the business of blogging by Forbes Africa.  Her blog is believed to gather a regular sum of N5m every month from adverts from several brands and online ad networks, and this has made her the highest earning blogger in Nigeria today.

Although Linda Ikeji has endured her own fair share of criticisms, she did not allow herself be discouraged or give up even in the face of strong oppositions, challenges and hard times. She is unrelenting, persistent, consistent and very hardworking. She was committed to her own success and dreams and because of this; she is a role model to women today.


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