Out of the many disadvantages of social media and cheap data, one very frustrating disadvantage is the emergence and evolving of something called “HATERS”.

A hater can be defined according to social media dictionary as an individual who hates you just because you exist and share the same air they breathe.

There are three categories of Haters:-

  1. Anonymous: – This is a total stranger who feel it is their right to have an opinion that you must hear, whether you asked, like it or not. Their handles on social media are usually private with strange names like @Biggestgehofall @Sexyslimbeauty or whatever makes them feel good about themselves. If the handle is not private, they would have only 2 or 3 posts.
  2. Unknown: – These ones do not hide their page or name, they just claim they are telling you the truth and social media is a free place, plus it’s their data.
  3. Known: – These ones also claim to tell you the truth in love but their intentions are laced with envy which usually stems from their own feelings of insecurity and low self esteem.

Now that we have identified the haters, let us see a few of their characteristics.

  1. They see the negative side of everything you say or do. For example, you post a picture of yourself in the morning with the caption “good morning world”, they post comments like “who morning epp”, “who know you for dis world, abeg shift” or “that pillow tho”.
  2. They have an opinion about how you should look, eat, drink and even breathe, remember, you don’t have to ask, e.g. you post a picture of you in a red dress, they comment, “who told you red suits your skin? Biko don’t try it again”, “ you are adding weight plix watch it” or “ The makeup tho”
  3. They tell you their opinion is gold while yours is hogwash, so you should be humble.
  4. They fight on celebrity pages with other haters.
  5. They think everyone is a hater and hate everyone.
  6. They do not know how to spell correctly, they interchange words like “you’re” with “your”.

I could go on about the antics of these “haters” but am pretty sure you get the picture and have had a good laugh. The purpose of this article is not to give credence or recognition to haters, but it is about you wasting time and energy on things that should not matter. Focus on improving your life and making progress. There is a saying that “The Lion is not bothered by the barking of dogs”, which one do you want to be?

You should not be talking about haters if you do not know what you want to accomplish in life and are actively working towards it. People hate on or talk about those who are making moves so whether they are talking good or bad, is because your progress is evident. Madea said “it is not about what people have to say, it is how you react to it”, because as you continually progress in life, your “haters” will increase.

Finally, not everyone who criticizes our work and action is a hater; some are well intentioned people who want you to be better. Even when someone hates on you, take the wisdom out of the hate if there is and ignore the rest, a wise man once said “even a fool has some wisdom in his mouth”.


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