Well because it is women’s month, we will be shining the spotlight on women making extraordinary moves. These are women who just seem to have extraordinary powers, they do it all and keep going and it would seem that they never break or if they do, they get back up immediately and find creative ways to make the impossible possible. One of such women is Oladunni Obata.

Oladunni Obata popularly known as Dunni of “dooney’s kitchen” is a woman who likes to think outside the box and go against the norm. She is a very creative, talented and versatile woman; she is an IT project manager by day and a chef and food blogger in the evening.  She loves flipping through cookbooks, watching cooking shows, reading and travelling.


Because of her love for Nigerian delicacies and their bold flavors, contrasts of colors and the sheer number of dishes, she always comes up with the craziest creations which might have never been done before and it usually turns out well. She said

“Cooking has always been an outlet to physically live out creative ideas I have in my head. The other things that drive me are my blog readers and social media followers. They have become like a wider family, and I have been able to reach out and interact with more people through what I do. They are very encouraging and supporting, they provide the best cooking tips out there, which drives me to do more and live up to their expectations.”

Through her cooking, Dunni inspires women to go the extra mile at all times and be open-minded. She inspires them to think outside the box of how things have always been done. She was inspired to start Dooney’s Kitchen from the need to stop giving out her recipes and documenting them and also making money whilst at it. She shares her recipes attaching real life stories to them and uses her blog to reawaken nostalgic moments experienced in the kitchen with friends and family and this makes her relatable.  Dunni caters for clients locally and internationally and keeps expanding her customer base on a daily basis or rather by her crazy recipes.


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