Everyone loves a good love story and happy endings whether it is a romance novel or a romantic movie, I mean really who doesn’t?                                                                                    We all love the perfect scenario of boy meets girl; they fall in love, get married against all odds, ride into the sunset and live happily ever after.  It does really happen for some people like this and others not quite but we all find love different ways and it works out differently for each and every one of us.

I do not have the patience or interest to watch certain movie series especially Telemundo and Zee world because they bore me silly, I feel most of them have the same story line albeit different characters, names and locations.  It usually starts with boy meets girl, things get complicated, then more complicated then they end together.

The impact and influence of these romance series which are purely fictional is alarming, am not just talking about ladies having a crush on the hero of the movie, some have allowed it shape their love lives and relationships.

This post is a little reminder why we need to stop allowing this, here’s why: –

  • It is a work of fiction: – Fiction means make believe the figment of a writers imagination, influenced by their own fantasies.
  • It is a movie: – Which means it was acted by very convincing actors who make you believe what they are doing.
  • It is a script: – Someone somewhere wrote the story and did an amazing job of writing a story that suits to their fantasies.
  • The actors might have a very different reality from what they portray in the movies. They might look caring, sensitive and thoughtful while acting a role but be totally snobbish and egotistical in reality.
  • The settings, music, theme and location of the movies were picked deliberately to feed your fantasy or fancy.
  • Real life and love requires work and sacrifice that the movies do not completely portray.

I hope you get my point with these few points I highlighted, so basically in summary, movies are acted but real life requires deliberate efforts, time and sacrifice to build the type of relationship or marriage you want.


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