One thing no one ever expects is heart break, we go into relationships giving and expecting love but life happens and sometimes things do not go as we want them to. A broken heart can cause immense emotional, psychological and even physical pain and can seem impossible to get over but it is.

Like Madea aka Tyler Perry said in the movie titled “The Family Reunion”, “you cannot get to what is in front of you because you are busy looking at what is behind you, wondering shoulda, woulda, coulda”. You can learn to accept the pain, get over it and move on to something and someone better.

These are a few tips how you can get over a broken heart: –

  • ACCEPT THAT THE TRUTH :- Accept that the relationship has ended and you are hurting, do not be in denial, obsessing over the fact that it is not over and that you can get the person back, will only make you hurt more and longer. Coming to that point of truth, makes you see that you that part of your life has come to an end.
  • DISCARD THINGS THAT REMIND YOU: – You will have certain things that will trigger a memory or a moment that you shared with that person, some are avoidable and some aren’t. As much as possible get rid of that book, shirt, cap or music that reminds you of them and breaks your heart afresh.
  • SEE YOURSELF DIFFERENTLY: – Heart breaks can take its toll on your self esteem and make you feel unloved and unwanted especially the nasty ones but please do not fall into that trap. A person should not be the source of your happiness and joy so when they leave you, your joy is still in place even though you hurt. It is okay to hurt but recognize that you are more than you pain, learn from it and move on.
  • DO A REVIEW OF THE RELATIONSHIP: – This one time, you will need to look back and think on the things you might have done better and the mistakes you made. A trusted friend who will tell you the truth without sentiments can be of great help with this also, that way you are sure of mistakes to avoid next time.
  • FORGIVE THEM: – I know this is very hard and all you can think of is how to hurt them but you have to. Someone said “Unforgiveness is looking yourself in a prison thinking you looked someone else there but the moment you open the doors, you realize you held yourself down.”
  • BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL FIND LOVE AGAIN :- Do not look at this heart break like the end of the world, what one person did not appreciate in you, someone else will celebrate, so do not give up, hope yet again cupid’s love tipped arrow will strike you yet again.
  • TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT IT: – They say a problem shared is a problem half solved but this does not mean you should go telling everyone your business or how terrible your ex is, on the contrary talk to a few friends about it or if possible seek professional help. Professional help can be in form of an Therapist or a counselor and this days thanks to social media and the internet you can send them messages or email if you are shy about talking with them one on one.
  • GET ACTIVE, DO SOMETHING: – Instead of mourning the death of your relationship, go out, have fun, make friends, if you can afford it, do some retail therapy, hang out with your girls, go to the gym or travel to a new place. Just don’t mope around, crying all the time.

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