So, you’re in a relationship, you’re newly married or have been married for
quite a while. And yes, it has been quite beautiful. Your life is going
just as planned. However, there are certain things you say to your friends
who are single. These statements may be well-meaning but can eventually
ruin your relationship with these people. Thus, here are five things you
say that get your single friends upset:

When Are You Getting Married?

This is the first on the list. It immediately puts your single friends on
the defensive. It is awkward at any given time of day. So whether you’re
joking or not, try not to ask such delicate questions. Also, your friend
may be interested in things other than marriage. Being a good friend means
taking an interest in what’s important to them, rather than consciously or
unconsciously imposing anything on them.

Marriage is not easy o; I wish I were single right now

You’re not the only married person they’ve ever met, so quit going on and
on about how marriage is not easy. It is an obvious fact. Also, telling
them that you wish you were single when you’re in a normal marriage smacks
of discontent and negativity. It is likely to get them confused, especially
when you have a lot of great things happening for you that they want to
experience as well.

Erm, I have to ask my Husband… Husband wouldn’t approve

For a close friend who has always freely done things with you without
permission, this is very annoying. Don’t overdo it. If it’s a small thing
and he wouldn’t care, do you really have to ask him? Or can you just say
you’ll get back to her and do that after consulting with him? Of course,
she also has to understand that your situation has changed. An honest, kind
conversation will help both of you adjust to this new phase of your
friendship without drifting apart.

I don’t understand how it is possible that you’re still single

This is another depressing statement. Telling your single friends this is
like blaming them for being single. It’s like you’re accusing them of being
too picky with great offers, or you’re saying they are never able to
maintain a relationship. It will be difficult to convince them that you
didn’t mean it like that.

If you’ve noticed that your single friends seem distant, think about what you may have said and call them.
If you’re guilty of any of these statements, don’t repeat them. You don’t want your friends to rethink their
relationship with you. No matter how happy your marriage is, your real friends give you a different kind of fulfilment.
Keep them close.



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