Taking good care of your hair is more than just washing it and making new hairstyles weekly, it is also in your daily routines.


For instance, the end of the day is a time we all look forward to, you want to get home, take a cold shower, eat dinner if you haven’t and go straight to bed. If you live in Lagos, the last thing on your mind as soon as you get home is your beauty routine; you just want to jump right into bed and sleep. If you don’t remember to clean your makeup, you definitely might not remember to take care of your hair. Some cover their hair in a ‘net’ while others just fall on their bed and try to keep their hair from their face so it doesn’t cause breakout.

It is highly expedient to take care of your hair at all times, it will prevent hair breakage and split ends, it also helps retain moisture in your hair. When you hair is well moisturized, it looks healthy and strong enough so that it does not break at the ends, no one likes split ends which makes your hair look untidy and uneven.

However, here are 10 tips on how you can care for, maintain, retain and grow your hair to a desired length while also maintaining a healthy look;

  1. Sleep with a silk or satin scarf covering your hair: – Hair Experts advice that the best hair cover to use is Satin or silk hair covers because they are smooth and prevent friction, they allow the more ease of movement and less damage to your hair. Even if your hair is styled in particular way, the satin or silk cover prevents your hair from losing its original style. For the ladies who do not like to cover their hair due to one reason or the other, before going to bed, it is advised that you get yourself a silk or satin pillowcase.
  2. Use a good Shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair regularly: – This helps to keep your hair clean, avoid dandruff and dry scalp.
  3. Keep your hair moisturized daily: – This is helps to avoid having dry brittle hair which can lead to split ends and hair breakage.
  4. Trim split ends every time you retouch: – When you trim during retouching, you cut off dead weak ends of your hair to allow better growth of your hair. For the naturalistas, have trim every time you go for hair treatment.
  5. Do not brush wet hair: – Doing this will cause your hair to forcefully cut and cause you serious discomfort because when your hair is wet it is especially vulnerable to damage.
  6. Massage your scalp 10-15 minutes daily: – It improves blood circulation and drains away toxins from the scalp. It can be done with or without using any oil.
  7. Reduce heat styling styles: – Experts say too much heat can permanently break the S-S or disulfide bonds within hair strands that give hair its strength along with protein cross-links.
  8. Do a lot of protective styles: – Hair styles like braids, Ghana weaving, corn rows are a great way to allow your scalp breathe and allowing oxygen get to your hair. Remember to avoid putting pressure on your scalp by pulling your hair to tight because it could lead to loss of hair.
  9. When detangling your hair, do so gently from the tip of your hair with a wide-tooth comb: – If you really can’t wait to brush your hair, you should use a wide-toothed comb. This will cause less damage than a regular brush, though some breakage is inevitable. If your hair is curly, you will need an even wider comb. Think about your most recent trip to the hair salon. Odds are that your stylist used a comb when hair was wet. If your hair is prone to tangles, you should always brush or comb it from the bottom to the top; this avoids tangles, which can cause additional damage.
  10. Do not wear hair extensions for too long: – They can do damage to your natural hair because sometimes the glue attached to your hair can burn and split the ends of your hair, which means that you will have to cut your hair as the extensions are removed. They are also additional pressure to your scalp and can cause thinning of your hair.

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