As their wedding planning starts and the big day approaches, a lot of brides transform into “BRIDEZILLA”. They have fits or throw tantrums when things are not going the way they want.  Some of them want to control everything to the minutest details even things as ridiculous as their bridesmaids’ diet so they look perfect in their dresses.

Just because it is your big day does not mean you should step on as many toes as possible. But if you want to make it through your wedding, and still maintain your relationships with family and friends, here are some tips when dealing with family, friends and your wedding.

  1. Tell close family and friends before announcing the engagement on social media.Your mother doesn’t want to see that you’re getting married because you updated your status to engaged on Facebook. Give those family and friends a call first, before you release the news.
  2. Don’t expect your bridal party to be an endless financial well.When choosing the attire, keep in mind that bridesmaids are expected to cover their own costs. It might be inappropriate to demands high end gowns and expensive, complicated hairstyles when you know your bridesmaid can’t afford it. Have a discuss about any financials prior to assigning your bridesmaid duties.
  3. Be considerate of your married friends. If one or more of your friends on your bridal train are already married or has a significant other, be considerate of them, don’t pick and choose based on the partners you’ve met alone, otherwise people might take those decisions the wrong way. Remember that they might not give you their full attention on your big day as they may be trying to please you and their partner, have a back up plan with another bridesmaid.
  4. Don’t do a verbal invite if you don’t follow it up with a paper invite.While you might invite someone in passing, follow up with paper invitations also especially for people who take such things seriously.
  5. With coworker invitations, try to hand out invites privately. Rather than go marching around giving out invites to some, while ignoring others. While it’s unreasonable for all coworkers to expect an invite to someone’s wedding, it’s still considered bad form to rub that in people’s faces.
  6. It will leave a lasting impression. Bridal etiquette can mean the difference between people remembering your wedding, or remembering what a Bridezilla you were about your wedding. Always be cognizant of others feelings when you’re making your decisions, and you’ll stay out of Bridezilla territory.
  7. Delegate as much as possible. You cannot handle all the details of your wedding on your own, if you are lucky to have employed the services of a wedding planner, let them do their job while you check in or wait for updates. If you don’t have a wedding planner, delegate responsibilities to friends, siblings or family members that you can count on.
  8. Rest as much as you can. Need we say more? unless you want to show up at your wedding looking like chucky’s bride or a real life bridezilla.

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