Marriage does not necessarily have to start with children immediately.
Before having kids, you need to get to understand one another first and be
responsible for each other. If you have this all figured out from the
beginning of your marriage, great. But if you’re one of the couples that
want to wait a while before having babies, here’s what you should do with
that time:

Set Goals and Expectations

It is vital that as a new couple, you set goals. This may require that
you write out a list including financial goals, career goals, and
having children. Make sure to plan for personal growth and development and
how you will balance all that with having kids.


Babies are bundles of joy that take over your life completely. If you have
them before you’ve enjoyed being a couple, you might have some regrets.
Take time to explore together. This means going out on impulsive dates,
travelling for vacation, enjoying your sex life. Live a little! A whole new
life starts after the kids come.

Study each other

Usually, children who are born into a marriage filled with misunderstanding
tend to have a negative perspective on life and relationships.

Marriage gives you a new opportunity to study each other up close. When
you’re able to understand your spouse’s likes and dislikes, then you’re
ready for anything.

Finish off pending conflicts

Conflicts can be so annoying and stressful. Settle whatever major disputes
you may have before bringing in children. It does not mean that you will
not have other conflicts, but being able to sort it out now is like
practice. It makes it easier to solve any future conflicts quickly.

Become Money Savvy

Another thing you need to be doing before having kids is managing your
money wisely; saving and investing. Having kids costs money and you’ll want
to give your children the best you can afford, so get money smart.




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