Four year old Annie was playing in mummy and Daddy’s room while Mom was making dinner. She was playing dress up and was just about to open Mummy’s closet to wear her favorite red shoes, the one with the cute little bows in front, when a bright red pack on the bedside drawer caught her attention.

She was fascinated; she took it, opened it and discovered it smelled like candy; overjoyed that she had found candy, she unwrapped it and found a rather odd looking balloon inside it, not like the ones she saw at Tiffany’s party last week.

Annie put the balloon in her mouth and blew it but it didn’t get as big as she wanted it to be and the shape was not round, but just then she heard her Daddy calling her name, she was delighted;

“Daddy is back and I will tell him to help me blow my balloons” she said.

Mr. Nelson had just gotten home from work;

“Honey I’m home” he announced; “Where is my baby, Annie, Annie girl where are you?” he called out.

He came home with his colleague Mr. Ibrahim because they needed to put final touches to their presentation scheduled for the next day. He ushered him to the living room and sat in his favorite chair just as Annie rushed into his arms screaming;

“Daddy welcome”

He hugged her and asked how she was doing when his eye caught a blown condom and the remaining pack in her hand. He quickly grabbed them from her and shoved them in his pocket before Mr. Ibrahim saw them. Annie was about to protest but Mrs. Nelson calling out that dinner was ready distracted her.  As they sat at the dining table having dinner, Mr. Nelson thought to himself;

“Phew, that was close, If Mr. Ibrahim had seen the condoms in Annie’s hands, I would never live it down as I would become the brunt of office jokes and gossips for weeks”.

That weekend Mrs. Nelson was sorting out the laundry and checking pockets for any left behinds, she was usually lucky to find cash forgotten in her husband’s pocket which always went unreported; so she was expecting to find money , only this time she did not, she found condoms. She was heartbroken and livid,

“So this is why he always works late abi? I would show that man hell.”

Like Mrs. Nelson, so many times, we are presumptuous about someone or something and we jump to conclusions without proper clarification. Often times this could result in the loss of lives, properties, marriage or a relationship.  If only we exercise a little patience and caution or ask the right questions before taking drastic actions or steps, we would see that things aren’t always what they seem.  Look before you leap or look before you jump to conclusions in order to avoid a concussion.


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