The most sexually satisfied countries in the world have been revealed.In research reported by the Alternet , Switzerland was ranked highest with 21% of Swiss nationals rating their sex life as “excellent” with 2% admitting to having sex in a public place.

Their schools often introduces sex education early on with some Swiss classrooms introducing reproduction science to children as young as four.In second place was Spain, with a huge 90% of men and women admitting, in a recent study, to being sexually satisfied.Italy came in third, recently named as the home of the “top lovers” in the world and Brazil in fourth place where 82% were said to have sex once a week.The UK were also beaten by Greece who according to research have the most sex in the world weekly and say they’re 51% satisfied with their sex lives.

In sixth place was the Netherlands who are not only sexually satisfied but have some of the lowest rates of abortion, teen pregnancy and HIV.Mexicans described their sex lives a “fulfilling” with just under half feeling regularly satisfied.Despite the average age to lose your virginity in India sitting at 22-years-old, the country came in at eighth and was a shock competitor to British standards.Unfortunately for Indians they had the quickest sexual intercourse average time of just 13 minutes.

With the top five countries having a sexual satisfaction rate above 50%, is it time to move abroad?

Top 12 most sexually satisfied countries

1. Switzerland

2. Spain

3. Italy

4. Brazil

5. Greece

6. Netherlands

7. Mexico

8. India

9. Australia

10. Nigeria

11. Germany

12. China




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