Have you ever wondered why a man would take on his wife’s last name?
Although it’s not common in this part of the world, it is happening in parts of the world.
There are lots of reasons why men take their wives’ last names:

Marrying a Woman with Kids

In this case, the man may settle for changing his last name just to avoid
the stress of changing the rest of the family’s names; this
especially applies to big families or families with lots of history.

Leaving Bad Memories Behind

Something unfortunate may have occurred in the life of the man, and as a
way to leave the past where it should be, he may opt to change his name. He
may have also changed his personality and wishes to no longer associate
with his former persona. This is common with people that may have committed
crimes- after all, change comes with a fresh start!

Marrying into Intellectual Recognition

Perhaps you’re marrying a PhD holder already recognised and respected for
her work. The lady may not compromise on her hard work and achievements and
the man, in this case, may consent to be associated with such hard work

Preserving the Family Line

Imagine if a lady had no brothers with no male children to carry on the
family name. The man may choose to take his wife’s last name purely out of
love, leaving his ego behind to help her preserve her family line. Some
ladies may opt to use a compound surname which her children may also adopt.

Sounds Nice!

If your wife’s last name is quite catchy, your new name may
just have a nice ring to it when you shake hands with potential business

In this part of the world, it may be that the English translation of your
traditional name isn’t great. No one wants a name with negative

Family Disassociation

There may have been a family feud in the past, causing the man to
disconnect from his family completely. In this case, the man may opt to
take up his wife’s last name.

What do you think about a man changing his name to yours? Should men never
compromise their name as the head of the family? Alternatively, do you
think a name is just a name, and it doesn’t matter whose changes? Whatever
the case is, the dynamics of a marriage relationship should be of utmost
importance whether or not names are changed.








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