Before getting married, hair removal is a must. Do you plan to take off all
the hair on your body or just focus on some KEY areas? Its every bride’s
goal to have skin as fresh as a baby’s bottom on her wedding day. Here are
different hair removal methods that can be used for brides, focusing on the
face and body:


Focus Area: Brows, upper lip, limbs, bikini area

Waxing involves coating the skin’s surface with hot wax and covering the
area with a cloth, spreading it evenly to have proper contact before
stripping it away. Waxing takes away the hair and its root, leaving the
skin very smooth and stubble free for at least two weeks. Some people start
to regrow their hair after three to four weeks while others, unfortunately,
develop ingrown hairs. After one month, you may just be ready for another
waxing session.

Try waxing at least six to four weeks before your wedding so that you can
enough time to accommodate your skin’s reaction (if any) before trying it


Very similar to waxing, in fact, it’s the same process. However, instead of
regular synthetic wax, an all-natural goop called Halawa is used. It is
made with just sugar and lemon juice. It’s said to be less painful and is
gentler on the skin than a regular wax because it doesn’t pick up the skin
as strongly as wax does.


Focus area: Brows

This involves using strands of thread to pluck hair from the brow line to
create a neater streamlined brow with no stray hairs. This method may also
be used for removing sideburns; can’t have more sideburns than the groom on
your wedding day, it’s not a good look.


Focus area: Armpits, limbs

This involves using razors and shaving sticks; it’s really quick and clean
but may leave you with bumps. Please ditch the horrible disposable shaving
sticks and get a proper one made specifically for real shaving. Look for
good shaving creams and gels to leave your skin feeling like silk after the
shave. It’s probably the cheapest DIY hair removal method out there!

Hair Removal Creams (Depilatories)

Focus area: Armpits, limbs, upper lip

It’s almost like magic cream! After an application, just wait for about
three minutes and you would be able to scrape the hair off your skin. It
lasts longer than shaving but not as long as waxing. It may also sting
those with sensitive skin so be sure to make sure it is compliant with your
skin type before using. The best thing to do is to try the product on a
small patch of your skin to test its reaction.

Have you tried all these methods in the past? Remember to stay fresh even
after the wedding, being married for five years is no reason to grow a giant bush.
Keep the fire burning in the best way you can!



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