Nigerian designers have made some of the most beautiful wedding dresses we
have seen. We can boldly say that Nigerian designers make world-class
wedding dresses. In 2018, look out for beautiful wedding dresses by these
various Nigerian designers.

Andrea Iyamah

Although this fashion line is popularly known for its unique and edgy beachwear, Andrea Iyamah also offers custom couture bridal gowns. The brand’s bridal line launched in 2012 and have consistently made unique and outstanding dresses. Watch out for them in 2018.

Imani swank

When Imani Swank started in 2010, it was a retailer of wedding dresses by various designers. In 2013, the brand launched an in-house bridal line. Imani Swank’s designs are known to reflect sophisticated elegance and tailoring expertise. On top of that, the dresses are affordable. In 2018, we will get to see more bridal wear from them also.


April by Kunbi

This brand was established in April 2010, headed by Olakunbi Oyelese. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. April by Kunbi is a well-known brand and has made a name for creating stunning wedding dresses.



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