Valentines day is fast approaching and because it is a day we want to go all out to impress our partner, we may want to take them out for fancy dining and wining; if the ambiance is right and the food is great, some might even chose to pop the big question since its lovers day.

When looking for a good restaurant, its better to go beyond word of mouth and their so called reputation, do your own research. Here are a few ways you can.

Is the Food safe? You don’t want to eat in a restaurant that leaves you with food poisoning or something worse. Find out from those who have visited them before, they are sure to have a reputation, something they are known for. Find out their specialties and serving conditions also.

What is said about them on social media?
The rise of the internet has ensured that we have a wealth of information at our fingertips, now there are apps and sites where you can easily go to read reviews and comments on a particular restaurant. Food bloggers and online users also offer restaurant suggestions, and provide more detail and structured feedback . People share their experiences and give details on what they loved or hated about the place and their food, giving you a chance to see the place from another person’s eyes.  From these pool of information, you can deduce your own conclusion and opinion or decide to still go check it out yourself.

How much?
Even though you are looking for a place that would not make you break the bank, you also have to make sure the price feels a little equal to the meal prepared. Look for the ones with prices that reflect in the service and what’s on your plate. If a restaurant offers really low prices, especially when they are not even on promo, you may want to avoid them, to avoid stories that touch. This doesn’t mean that good food is necessarily expensive, but good quality food and service does require that you have high quality items which will cost some money.

Where are they located?
The location of the restaurant is a big deal, because it determines how great a restaurant could possibly be. A restaurant located in within the metropolis may not offer the same quality of food you may find in a more reserved area. It is not about class or social standing, but about of the availability of resources.
Restaurants that are far from where fresh food or certain ingredients can easily be obtained, may not offer the healthiest of meals. You want to take all these in consideration.

We do hope these tips will help you make the right choice and if you are planning to pop the big question that day, all the best.



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