All relationships whether platonic, family or romantic need certain ingredients to grow and keep it going strong, you need to invest time, resources and make deliberate efforts in making sure that your relationship does not grow cold and fizzle out. Romantic relationships just as well require much, you need to invest your time and resources to “keep the fire burning” so it doesn’t grow cold and fizzle out. Valentine’s day is around the corner and celebrating with the love of your life is something you look forward to; but sometimes in the pursuits of our dreams and success, we have to go out of our way and out of our way may be out of town, state or country.

Long Distance Relationship London UK New York USA

Long distance can put a lot of strain on a relationship, it almost makes the term “out of sight means out of mind” true. Here are a few factors that affect long distance relationships:-

  • Time difference, especially if it is different countries.
  • Reduced communication due to your busy schedules.
  • Fatigue, when on partner is too tired to contact the other after a long day.
  • Spending time with someone else.

There are several factors but these are a few; here are a few tips on how you can make your long distance relationships work for you:-

  1. BE DETERMINED TO BE COMMITTED TO EACH OTHER: – You have to both decide to be committed to one another and not allow other people or things get in between you and your partner.
  2. BE DELIBERATE:- Take conscious and deliberate decisions about each other, go out of your way not every time you leave things as they are and say “what will be will be”.
  3. COMMUNICATION: – The importance of communication cannot be over emphasized; it is called the “fuel” that keeps it going. Let them in on all that’s happening with you, do not keep away vital information from them and sometimes even the minutest details we share with each other could close the distance.
  4. ENJOY IT: – Do not get so carried away with keeping up with your partner that you forget yourself. Enjoy your time with yourself, your “me time”, invest in yourself, your dreams and goals, hang out with your friends and have fun too. You and your partner will not be apart forever and when they return you might not have the opportunity to do certain things anymore.
  5. SURPRISE EACH OTHER: – Send gifts to your partner, thanks to online shops, buying things have become easier, you can pick what you want and it would be delivered to them. If you can visit but be careful in planning a surprise visit, so you do not end up being surprised.

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