Valentine’s is that time of the year when singles know there will be no
cake or chocolates, and even the sight of strawberries reminds you of being
alone. If you want to be in a relationship, it’s tough being single. For
those who have chosen not to be in a relationship, good on you for knowing
what you want! That doesn’t make you a robot though because sometimes you
feel lonely too. Either way, let’s not waste our time wallowing because
being single rocks if you use the time well. I mean, when else will you
have peaceful, quiet time to do exactly what you want without thinking
about another person’s welfare.

Here are a few fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day if you are single:

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The Ultimate Pamper Session

In the spirit of love, what better way is there to show love to yourself than to have a pamper session at the spa. Get a new hairstyle, mani-pedi, massage, facial and valuable time in the sauna and jacuzzi. Step out of that spa clean and looking like a thirty (taaty) billion bag of money!

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Slumber Party

Girls just want to have fun, right? Gather some other single friends and enjoy a night of movies, popcorn, pizza and ice cream because if you don’t treat yourself, no one else will! February 14th is an official hall pass for all the carbs you have been avoiding since your New Year’s dietary commitment. Do not look at a slumber party as an opportunity to wallow in the misery of the Single Girl’s Club, look at it as a great time to relax and spend time with your home girls. After all, Valentine’s might as well be a public holiday in Nigeria.

Get in The Groove!

Lagos is no doubt the Centre for Nigerian Entertainment; with a variety of dance studios offering different classes like Burlesque, Salsa and Pole Dance. Sign up to a dance class alone or with friends and feel that rush of feminine energy as you get in the groove with your cute dance outfit and a comfortable pair of heels to sashay across the floor.

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Date Yourself

Pick that restaurant you have always wanted to eat at, watch a good movie or play, and stop over at your favourite ice cream spot to end the day. There is nothing wrong with enjoying these culinary and entertainment experiences by yourself, and it does not even have to be on Valentine’s day!


Retail Therapy

Bling your wrist with a new watch or bracelet, make sure it’s something you would like to wear on a daily basis so you can cherish it more. You could even buy a new outfit or pair of shoes as long as it makes you look and feel like the boss lady that you are; there may also be great deals out there, so watch out!

Still confused on how to spend Valentine’s Day if you’re single? Overthinking takes away your happy emotions so just enjoy life in the moment!



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