No matter how much you prepare, there is always the underlying phobia of
having an unexpected, unplanned wedding disaster. It’s a valid concern, but
if you have the right bearing on it, you can avoid it with little stress.
So, here are six common wedding day disasters and how you can avoid them:

Bad Weather

This is for couples that have chosen an open space for their wedding
reception. You might have checked the forecast, but the weather can be
unpredictable. For instance, you’re having an evening reception.Yes, you
have avoided the sun, but what if it rains? You can prepare for this by
getting canopies or large gazebo just in case.

Drunk Guests

An inebriated person stumbling about and toppling over your cake is the stuff wedding nightmares are made of.

Forgetful Thoughts

A lot of the time, couples are under a lot of pressure. This can easily
lead to you imagining that you have something you don’t, or you forget
essential details entirely. Early on in your wedding planning, make a list
of these must-not-forget things and assign someone to help keep track of
the most important things like your wedding rings and vows.

No Parking

Parking can be a disaster for your guests if you use an event centre with
parking restrictions. Be sure that you include parking space in your
requirements when you’re renting a wedding venue.

Lights Out

Just about the time the music starts and everyone is on the dance floor,
there is a power outage. This can be really embarrassing. So, make sure
that your event venue’s services include a standby generator. Remember,
always be prepared.

You feel sick on your big day

The amount of work you take on preparing for a wedding could make you sick
if you’re not careful. If you dread this as much as we do, stay healthy by
taking frequent rests, doing some exercise and eating right as your wedding
day approaches. See a doctor quickly if you do feel ill. You will be
prescribed something to relieve your symptoms so you can have fun on your
big day.




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