I am Olufemi Abayomi Ajanla of 32B Ajani-Sule Street Magodo Lagos.
My profession is a cab driver. I am working with city global company. My motor is Suzuki Swift.
This morning I get dispatch from controller to pick up two customers from Penple road in Ikoyi going to Ahmadu Bello.
After I pick the both two girls I drive them to their destination at Ahmadu Bello in front of Navy office. Then police and navy arrest us there.
I do not know the two girls from anywhere before. Controller have not send me to their address before and I do not know them before today.
The reason I have the number of the lady they call Miss Amaka on my phone is because we use to call customer before we reach their house. I call her to let her know that I am arriving at her house.
I have never call her before today and I will never call her again. We don’t use to save customer number on our phone, only controller store their number, but not cab man, so I did not even get mind to call her again. She is just a customer.
I do not know anything about the man they say they kidnap. The man Mr Johnny is never been my customer before. I didn’t even know what he look like. You can ask controller at out office they will tell you they have never dispatch me to any Mr Johnny before or any white man before.
I am cab driver and it is my only job. I am not into kidnapping and I do not know anything.
This is my statement.


Olufemi Abayomi Ajanla
32B Ajani-Sule Street Magodo Lagos.

I am Moses Ighodalo of Room 5, Onilearo House, Bode Thomas Surulere. I am 32 years of age. I am security officer attached to Radisson Blu Hotel on Lekki Epe Express way in Victoria Island Lagos. I am a HND Certificate Holder.
My duty that night was to assist customers in packing their vehicles. I was working towards the exit side of the car park doing my duty.
I was alone because my colleague that we were working together went to do toilet.
I assisted a silver colour Mercedes Benz V Boot to pack. Inside the car there were four occupants: the driver, two white men and one black woman.
I think the driver is a cab man because when they come out of the car they ask him how much they owe him but he laugh with them and say until they return from inside the hotel before they discuss money.
After I pack the car I did not notice the driver again, whether he stay in his car or he get out to walk about as some drivers use do. But I know he didn’t follow them inside.
I cannot remember the exact time but like twenty minutes after the passengers enter the Hotel I saw them returning and I ask them if I should get their car. They did not answer me because they were talking to one man and they were walking to where their car is so I left them.
One red cab arrived and was wasting time at the entrance so I was telling him to hurry and go. That is when I hear someone shouting help, help.
As I rush to where the noise is coming from, which is where I park the two white men and the black woman, I notice that it is the shorter of the two men that is shouting.
He was struggling with two men and one of them was holding gun. I dodge when I see the gun.
Immediately I run to the exit and tell the guards there that robbers are operating with gun.
I radio the chief security officer and I was in process of briefing him when a black jeep just run past us.
The guards at the gate tried to stop him but he just used heavy speed to scare them.
When my boss arrived I told him what had happened. We went to where the silver colour Mercedes was packed and we did not find the driver inside again.
As we were searching for the driver my oga ask me to tell him where they were struggling and I showed him. That is when we find the phone that we handed over to police. I do not know whose phone it is but something is telling me it belong to the white man shouting for help. Maybe he was calling somebody to come and help him when the armed robbers attack him.
After, my boss called the police and we tell them everything we know and my boss gave them copy of security tape and log of cars entering and leaving the hotel.
When we return to find the silver Mercedes it have gone. One of the guard said the driver just drove out when we all enter the Hotel with the police to go and discuss what happened.
Maybe the man has been spying us from somewhere waiting for chance to escape.
He did not look suspicious to me but he weared good lace material and gold jewellery that I think ordinary cab man cannot be able to afford so maybe he’s suspicious in the incident too.
My prayer to God is that they find the white people and their friend in good state of health.


Moses Ighodalo
Room 5, Onilearo House
Bode Thomas

My name is Prince Ernest Okoli. My address is 1159 Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, Middlesex, England. I’m a SAP Functional Consultant. I’m in Nigeria on vacation for two weeks. I’m 35 years old.
I just arrived at the Hotel in my friend’s car when we noticed what looked like a scuffle ahead of us. About six men and one lady appeared to be having an argument while one white man was being shoved into a four by four.
The lady also got into the car so I assumed she knew the men. The other men stayed outside beating up the short guy. He looked Arab.
My friend and I were going to come down and go to his aid but then we saw that one of the men had a gun. He pointed it at the Arab’s head but rather than chill, the dude started screaming for help and trying to grab the gun.
Another dude pulled out a shotgun from under his jacket. I told my friend to reverse.
Within seconds they beat the Arab to the ground and bundled him into their car then they took off.
I asked my friend what the police emergency number is but he didn’t know, so we went to the Hotel lobby to report what just happened.
It went down really fast but it appears the Arab dude knew the guys. I didn’t get a good look at the other guys but I’m sure they were Nigerians. They were dressed in suits.
Hope this helps.


Prince Ernest Okoli
1159 Great Cambridge Road,
Enfield, Middlesex

My Name is Kikeloma Abosede Roberts of 39C Ilaka Street, Illupeju Lagos. I am 23 years old. I am a student at the University of Lagos, Akoka.
I went to visit my distant relative in her BQ in Ikoyi. Her name is Amaka. She asked me to follow her somewhere. She told me that her boyfriend is hospitalized because of an accident so I agreed to follow her there.
I have never met her boyfriend before but I know his name is Johnny.
I did not know that she met with him recently or that he was missing.
I do not know anything about how he went missing.
She did not tell me anything about any plans to kidnap him but I cannot vouch for her because I don’t know her that well.


Kikeloma Abosede Roberts
39C Ilaka Street,


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