It’s your wedding day soon, and everything is on check except your wedding
vows. It may have seemed easy when you decided to write your own. In fact,
you have this vivid imagination of reading the most beautiful piece and
your spouse blushing with love, maybe even shedding a few tears. However,
this is where reality is entirely different. You can’t seem to get the vows
you want on paper! Let’s help you with that. Here are tips to help you
write your wedding vows.

Get ideas from other vows

You can start by reading vows from your religion if you practice a certain
faith. That can serve as a rough sketch for you to build on. Google wedding
vow samples. You can pick and choose what you like from different vows and
then tailor them to suit you and your spouse-to-be.

Agree on tone

You may have to agree on this with your fiancé/fiancée and choose wisely.
Regarding tone, would it be humorous, romantic, or a mixture of both? Also,
would you like to write it together or separately?

Make Some Promises

You can come up with some promises. For instance, “I promise to support you
in…” Vows are in essence, promises. They are special because you make
them wholeheartedly and mean to keep them.

Jot down notes based on your relationship

Take time to think about your fiancé/fiancée. First, about the time you
met, then how you fell in love and when you knew you were ready to spend the
rest of your lives together. Here are some questions to help get you

• What hard times have you gone through together?

• Why did you decide to get married?

• What do you most respect about your partner?

• When did you realize you were in love?

• What makes your relationship tick?

• What makes your heart happy when you think about your partner?

• What was the most selfless thing your partner has done?

• What little peculiarities do you like about them?

Use these tips, speak from the heart, and your vows will not only move your spouse, but there will
also be hardly a dry eye in the audience.



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