Men are scared of marriage. Even in countries with great economies, rich men don’t want to get married because they fear their wives could ask for half their property when/if they divorce.

In Nigeria, the cost is too high and men are just comfortable doing it “solo” or having “baby mamas.” The fact that my religious inclination disapproves of that doesn’t make it an issue for me to be silent about. We might think all issues will be solved if we are “delivered” from a kind of demonic oppression through many night vigils and all, but checking the statistics, this appears to have a cause. And when something has a cause and the cause is known, then the solution should be proffered.

The number of wedding keeps declining, men are not really bothered about it especially the ones that are not restricted by any moral stance. But it’s unfair on the part of the ladies because even if they want to “play” it appears to be a thing of joy for them to have a “crown” on their head. I don’t know if that gives them a feeling of satisfaction.

But I think the issue is so paramount to women that some don’t even mind spending their money on the guy just to get him to marry them. Some are financially stable, but just looking for a husband. Can anyone just enlighten me on why it is so important for the ladies?!

While you are at that, it might interest you to know that men are gradually losing interest in marriage because of the financial implications and that is why we have more single ladies these days.




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