Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you get
share it with people who matter to you. You’re just wondering if it’s okay to
send an invitation to your ex. Before you invite your ex to your wedding,
there are some things you should consider:

You’re Not Spiteful

Some people invite their exes to their big day simply out of spite. It’s
really not good for you if the only reason is to show off to your ex or
make them regret not being the one with you. In truth, it hardly ever works
out your way. You may spend the day focused on what your ex is thinking.
You could get worked up, find yourself in a bad mood and ruin your day.

In short, make sure there are no hard feelings.

Everyone including your spouse is fine with it

If you intend to invite your ex, make sure that your family, friends and
spouse are fine with it. You do not want awkward moments when they are not

It was Puppy Love

Another instance is if you dated during your secondary school days or early
university level and there was no substance to it. Of course, the major
factor here is that you’re completely over it and are cool enough to be
able to have them attend your wedding.

They are equally married

It makes it all easier if your ex is also coming with his/her spouse for your wedding.
It quells any questions regarding their motives, and automatically eases tension.

You’ve had a kid with your ex, and he/she will like to attend with the

This can be really complicated especially with your new in-laws. However,
this person will always be in your life when you share a child. You should
be able to convince everyone that it’s a good reason why they have to
attend, then you’re good to go





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