The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai was probably the most anticipated
Nollywood movie ever. The success of The Wedding Party 1 and then the real
life engagement and marriage of the lead characters Banky W and Adesua
Etomi fuelled the fever for The Wedding Party 2.

But the sequel is less about them and more about Dozie’s brother, Nonso and
his accidental engagement to Deidre, the white girl who was a bridesmaid in
part 1. Pretty sure we’ve all seen the trailer.
The movie was directed by Niyi Akinmolayan and made 73 billion naira in 3
days. But is it any good? If you haven’t seen it, should you?

The Reviews- the actual koko

We scoured the web for as many reviews as possible, to get the full

Some of them are scathing. Esosa Omo-Usoh writes on

“The movie was riddled with the usual tropes; grating histrionics,
trademark over-acting, unintelligent/unfunny portrayal of stereotypes and a
canny perception of the patently unfunny comedy that the average Nigerian
audience finds hilariously funny.” Ouch.

The screening Room’s Adenike disagrees.
“I liked the humour in TWP 2 a lot more and I actually think that was the highlight of the film.”

Sisi Yemmie, award-winning blogger and YouTuber shared a detailed review on her channel , starting with the good.
“I liked Zainab Balogun’s acting… Sola Sobowale made the movie…”

Apparently, there was an emotional scene with Tintin that felt very real.
Sisi Yemmie also loved the picture quality, the music, the Igbo wedding
culture and Deidre’s father.

As for the bad, almost all the reviewers agree that many characters and
scenes were redundant; They feel that some actors didn’t add anything to
the movie, such as AY, Wofai Fada, Saka, Frank Donga, Beverly Naya, Funny
Bone, etc.

There are also unanimous issues with poor continuity and transitions
especially towards the end, which was described as anticlimactic.

Media Personality,The Delphinator, offered some constructive criticism .

“There’s nothing wrong with having an ensemble cast or a dozen cameos. The
challenge arises when these cameos are not executed properly.” And then she
lists the same guys above, most of who are comedians.

The Delphinator has some high praise for TWP 2’s song selection, score,
blocking and picture (simultaneously showing off some knowledge about film.
Yes girl). She even says the plot was a little step up from TWP 1, but
there were still a lot of holes.

Adenike’s review highlights similar loves. In addition, she praised the
makeup, costumes, cinematography and Chigul, Seyi Law and Patience
Ozokwor’s characters. The movie gets a good 3.8/5 from her. However, she says
Beloved Tintin became loud and exaggerated; words used by some people to
describe Patience Ozokwor’s character (Ada Okonkwo) instead. One man’s
food… abi?

Some funny side notes: Sisi Yemmie says the movie was advert for Dubai
and Adenike says Adesua and Somkele’s accents were “fluctuating”.

So should you see it?

We’ll deduce from Esosa’s conclusion that this is a “floundering
pointlessness of a sequel” that Issa No. Sisi Yemmie says yes, you’ll have
a good time and we should support our own. The screening room’s Adenike
also says yes, “Very good film, very enjoyable to watch… not
groundbreaking… See it.”

We say, see it. You just might enjoy it, even if not every single part of

Will there be a Wedding Party 3?

They teased a TWP 3 at the end of the movie, with Somkele and Ikechukwu’s
characters. Erm…




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