Were you asked to be a bridesmaid and you want to say NO, but don’t know
how to? What if you agreed to a bridesmaid but somewhere along the line,
found yourself regretting it? As we approach the month of February, get
ready for lots of proposals after which you may be invited to be a
bridesmaid. That’s right folks- it’s a never-ending cycle of wedding season
transitioning to engagement season. This article encourages us to say No
when we have to in the most acceptable ways possible. Here’s how to say No
to bridesmaid duty:

Get Straight to the Point

Don’t beat around the bush. The more you dance around saying no without
actually breaking the news, the harder it gets and the worse you will feel.
Besides, the bride may start to suspect your motives. If she’s a real
friend, she should be able to understand your genuine reasons for deciding
not to be her bridesmaid so get straight to the point! Also, she will be
able to find a replacement bridesmaid quickly.

Don’t Lie

It’s not wise to lie about your decision to opt out of a bridal train. Lies
have holes in them. You may get asked twenty-one questions from different
people. Just be honest, so you can save yourself the sweat of remembering
the details of the lie you told.

Spotlight on Your Life

It’s another “it’s not you, it’s me” story. If you are going through a
rough patch with finances or you have to attend to pressing family issues,
its ok to take a backseat during this time in your life. If you are truly
so important to your friend, she may even opt to cover your bridal train
expenses, regardless of hers.

Not Really a Day 1 Sister-friend

Do you feel like this person isn’t really your friend and just has you as a
plus-one to complete her perfect bridal train number? Has she come out of
the blue to rekindle a lost friendship after her engagement? It’s time to
keep it moving honey, hope you can smell the fish before the room gets
stinky! In this case, politely explain that you have reserved your
bridesmaid quota for close friends. Being a
bridesmaid involves commitments and expenses. Never accept to be a
bridesmaid just to be nice to someone because they probably won’t do the
same for you.

Just be real and true to yourself and never compromise on your standards to
please others!




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