The endless circles of “I thought we would end up dating” should come to an end when you learn to identify if your potential love interest is emotionally unavailable. Sometimes the signs are there, and we end up not thinking much of them or even ignoring them.

Here are some tips on how to tell whether a person is emotionally unavailable:

Endless Flirting
Stay clear of someone who likes the chase but doesn’t want to put an end to it. Such people are experts at wooing, saying flattering things and are only good for short term intimacy. A perpetual flirter will have you saying “Girl, I think he likes me”, getting your friends uber-excited for no reason at all.

Commitment Phobia
People with this phobia do not like to compromise, making sure the relationship revolves around them and their ability to go out on dates or participate in activities that you would like to.

The Past
Some people may not be over their past relationships or may have ended a past relationship at a point where it’s getting pretty intimate.

It’s a bad idea to be interested in a guy that you think has it all together because he knows what he wants. Sometimes these guys will not settle for just anyone including you because his idea of perfection includes ticking off several boxes.

Watch out for someone who gets angry all the time; this person may be emotionally abusive; making you feel bad for something that really isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things then coercing you to act a certain way or do what he or she wants.

A confident person will be intimate and committed to treating you in the best way they can as opposed to someone who uses arrogance as their escape from an insecurity or low self-esteem.

Invasiveness or Evasiveness
Be wary of someone who asks many personal questions prematurely (especially about sex and money) but avoids sharing any of these details with you. Such a person may have a hidden agenda or just have an unwillingness to grow a relationship.

Also, beware of people whose motive is to seduce and use you only as an object of pleasure.

Seen these signs before? It’s time to drop him or her like a bad habit and move on to a more promising relationship prospect for the sake of your own sanity


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