Moving houses is one aspect of getting married that isn’t talked about
enough. Either one person has to move in with the other, or you both start
afresh in a new place. Single people also move houses, as do large families.
Moving can be stressful, and it’s a lot of work, but
it can be made very simple with a few tips.

Here’s what we recommend if you’re moving to a new house.

Get organized early

This cannot be overemphasised. Get organised by creating a countdown list
and itemise everything you need to accomplish week by week. This way, you
are less likely to forget an important to-do.

Pack an overnight bag containing all your routine items

After a long day of packing and lifting, you will be tired and won’t want
to unpack boxes and suitcases. So, you should pack your essential items in
a bag for easy access. Include nightwear, a fresh set of clothes for the
next day, chargers, laptop, toiletries and any regular medication.

Pick the right transportation

Get a big enough truck to accommodate all your items, especially if you’ll
cover some distance. You shouldn’t have to make the trip twice.

Sort out things by category

Arrange and pack your items based on type. Pack your books in a different
box, the same goes for your clothes, documents, bags and shoes. You will
know where everything is and it will be easier to unpack.

Look for a professional moving company

A moving company can be the difference between ease and frustration.
Therefore, it is important to get it right. You should make more effort
towards finding a reputable company with excellent customer service ahead
of time.

Make sure to read the company’s reviews, list of services, fine print, and
refund or damage policies. You can ask a trusted friend for a

Pick the right moving day

Most moving companies are busy during weekends. So, consider moving on a
weekday. You might even get a discount.

Most importantly, you should book an appointment a month ahead to secure
your spot.

Map out the best way to get to your new home

Figure out the easiest, most efficient way to get where you’re going. Look
up potential highway construction schedules ahead of time. Consider the
traffic and how you can avoid it to get to your destination as early as




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