Every woman looks forward to her wedding night, and for virgin brides, the
anticipation is even more. There could be a mix of excitement and fear. It
is okay to be occupied with thoughts of what sex for the first time will be
like, but there’s no need to worry. Once you know what to expect, your
first time can be nice and pleasurable.

Be calm

It is only normal to be a bit nervous. However, try to stay calm. It’s just
you and the person you love and nobody is scoring you. By now, your husband
to be already knows that you’re not sexually experienced. You might be a
bit awkward but it’s okay. If you’re calm, you’ll be able to relax and
laugh over the awkwardness.

Get a lube

Your body naturally responds to arousal by making its own lubrication, but
when you are anxious, stressed or tired, or dehydrated, it can be very
difficult to get wet enough. Lubrication will come in very handy and make
it a lot more comfortable and smooth for you both.

Erase perfection

Forget the romance novels, movies and your own expectations of a perfect
first night. The truth is your wedding night may not go as envisioned.
Don’t aim for perfection, whatever that is. Instead, just relax and enjoy
the night as it happens.

You may not have an orgasm

It is not so easy for some ladies to reach orgasm from intercourse, even
when they’ve climaxed before. Most women do not on their first night. It
might take a while for both of you to learn your body and know what makes
you tick. So, don’t feel disappointed if it doesn’t happen. You have plenty
of time to discover different ways to bring pleasure to each other.

It might not happen

Sorry to disappoint you ladies, but there is a big probability that you
might not have sex on your wedding night. You may be tired from the wedding
activities, or something unexpected might prevent it from happening. You’ll
be surprised how common it is for couples not to consummate their marriage
on the first night. Many that did wish they had waited until the next day.
Don’t force it, wait till you’re both relaxed and well rested.

Now that you know there’s no pressure at all; enjoy your first time and
remember that it will only get even better from here.




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