From simple to classy to elegant, there are a number of wedding suit trends to
choose from. The major suit styles however, remain a basis for selecting your wedding suit.
Today’s write up is for the men. Just as it is important for the bride to pick a dress,
so it is for the groom to pick his suit. Usually, he chooses one that will match his
wedding setting and theme, the bride’s dress, and expresses his style and personality.

Photo Credit: fashionfoodandflirts

The groom and his best man need to go shopping. They get to choose the colour, the fabric they would prefer, and what style feels more comfortable.

First, decide what style you would prefer. It could be a relaxed style or a more formal vibe. Let’s take a look at suit types:

The Three-Piece Suit

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The three-piece suit has a distinctive structure that is quite dignified. This style projects an elegant groom. Also, wearing the waistcoat can give you a firm, athletic physique. So that whether or not you’re wearing the jacket, it maintains a classy look.

The Morning Suit

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If you are looking at a more formal affair, then this is just right for you. This classic groom’s suit is a finely cut single-button long-line attire which cuts away just around the waist in front to reveal contrasting striped trousers. It comes in different colours, and it’s up to you to decide which will best suit your occasion. Remember that it should be perfectly tailored as well. However, to finish this look, you are to adorn yourself with a buttonhole and matching shoes.

The Single-Breasted Suit

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Although quite popular, this suit never goes out of style. What’s more is that it is also budget-friendly and you can wear it even after your wedding. It is a very comfortable wear and will not cause any unnecessary stress. To finish off this outfit, wear nicely polished shoes .



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