Wedding rings are the custom in many parts of the world. Exchanging rings
is an integral part of many wedding ceremonies: You say “I do”, and you put on
a ring for life. There, now everyone knows you’re married. Ring= Married
and No Ring = Single, right? Wrong! Some happily married couples don’t wear
a ring at all for various reasons. It begs the question, “Are wedding rings
really necessary?” Let’s look at it from both sides.

Here are a few reasons to wear a wedding ring:

Off the Market

How else will you blatantly tell the Lagos playboys and slay mamas that you
are taken? Sometimes, the ring by itself acts as a deterrent to advances.
If someone still makes a move, you can flash your ring, partially blind
them with the bling and shout “I’m married!” for good measure.

Put Your Spouse at Ease

Wearing your wedding ring all the time can let your significant other know
that you are not trying to attract inappropriate attention, especially if
they feel a bit uneasy. After all, a wedding ring is a symbol of love and


Sad but true: sometimes, you may be more likely to earn respect or have
some doors open for you in business or other spheres when you are married.
Some landlords even look to accommodate married couples as opposed to
single women on their property. If you are truly married, the rock will
speak for you!

On the flipside, some people may not wear a ring for the following reasons:

Free Hands

Some people just prefer to not wear anything on their hands for the sake of
comfort. For others, it is the nature of their jobs or
daily schedules. Surgeons, carers, radiologists, factory workers and so on
may choose to go without a ring. For many, working in the kitchen or doing
chores in the garden may make it impractical.

No Legal Requirement

People may opt to be joined by a civil ceremony and not a religious one. In
the course of the ceremony, there is no requirement to exchange rings as a
symbol of love; instead, the requirement is only to sign a marriage

Personal Decision

Some couples may have started out wearing rings but for some reason, feel
that it’s no longer necessary to wear. They don’t believe that trust is
tied to a simple object.


People who have lost their rings may not have the resources to replace
them, especially if it’s expensive.

Some people take them off when exercising, working or cooking but always wear them again.


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