My Younger sister got married two years ago to this loving guy. He turned her life around. This guy can buy the whole world if he has to. I started living with them early last year because our parents said they were fed up of me ( I am 31).

I have been job-hunting because I graduated with a third class but no good firm seems to want to accept me. Let me go straight to the point. My sister accommodated pending the time I can get a place of my own. I have always had an eye for my sister’s husband, he is all I have ever wanted so I made sure I got him. I seduced him a couple of times before he gave in and he swore he enjoys me more than my sister. Now I am pregnant, my sister is yet to get pregnant for him and I know how badly he wants a child. This is an opportunity for this man to change my life too. I don’t intend marrying him. I am thinking of going somewhere to have the kid, and he will pump money into my life in return.


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