You’re probably at that stage in your relationship where it may be taken to
the next level, or not. Either way, you may be presented with a ring one
day, and you would have to learn a thing or two about diamonds and cuts. If
your engagement is not a surprise, here are some pointers your future
husband should know when he takes you shopping for that perfect ring:

The Shape

After the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat), this is one major factor to
consider when purchasing an engagement ring. The true geometry of the stone
is of importance here in addition to the preferences of the lady who will
be wearing it. Some popular shapes include oval, heart, pear, emerald,
cushion and marquise.


The setting of the metal which encases the stone is important because it
determines the flashiness or style of the ring. For example, a diamond ring
can look very traditional in an oval setting but can be given a modern
twist with a bezel set ring.


If the ring is a surprise, your man should be able to slyly observe your
style of preferred jewellery. He may consider your preference for vintage
or modern pieces and even the stones you like. Research may also reveal
that some rings are more dense and durable while others may be worn for a
shorter time before they are due for polishing.

What’s Your Choice of Metal?

Research may also show that the more durable it is, the more expensive it
is; a case in point is a platinum ring. However, some others like gold come
in different colours like white, yellow, rose and even green, allowing more
variety for the band. Some metals may be mixed in a combo, for example,
gold and platinum.

Stone City

Purchasing stones to be inserted into a setting may be more cost effective
and allows you precisely what you want as opposed to buying a ring off the
rack. You’re able to save because the stone is the bulk of the rings cost.

Create a Hint Profile

Sending a lady to a ring shop to ascertain her ring size, colours, style
and other unique preferences may be the way to go. This could be like a
real-life Pinterest for rings which allows her future husband to select a
ring that fits and she would like.

Thinking of showing this article to your significant other so he gets a few
pointers? Just do it!


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