Courtship Amazing Fact #1: Always Religion and Sex? Nah! Maybe Not

There have been a lot of couples who shied away from courtship. This is mainly because they feel it is “too religious” or traditional. Quite a number of people will rather get married than court first. However, one of the best parts about courtship is getting to understand each other. You may want to slow down on the sex to give you room to find out more about your partner. Interestingly, a lot of couples don’t know how to cope without sex. See if you can. Why don’t you try settling an issue without having sex? Many situations in marriage can pause sexual activities for a while. If you have courted before marriage, it would be easier to handle while staying faithful to your spouse.

If you value spirituality, that could be a silver lining for you. It does not necessarily mean that you attend every single Church or Jumat service that there is. Coming together to agree on a spiritual routine that works for you both can strengthen your bond.

Amazing Fact #2: Hanging Out With Family Isn’t Always a Pain in the Neck

If you have made up your mind about this individual, then you should as well be prepared to meet his/her family. Thus, hanging out with them should be in your agenda. Okay, so a lot of couples complain about how unbearable some members of the family can be. This is why courtship is needed. This way, you can easily find out the soft spot of each family member and tackle any pending issue.

In most cases, courtship lets you in on the kind of family you may be settling in with, so there’s no room for surprises.

Courtship Amazing Fact #3: Courtship Prepares You for the Worst

This amazing fact is perhaps one of the most important. Let’s admit it. Marriage can be boring! Staying with one person forever can be really frustrating at times. If you have made up your mind about this individual, then you should court. It definitely serves as a training ground for being with one person, and allows you to express yourself fully.

Note: Unlike dating, in courtship one is a lot surer about the partner and the chances of marriage.


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