People get comfortable exchanging vows, celebrating the fact that they have ended up with the love of the lives, but then ignoring certain things that could keep that relationship as fresh as at the start.

One of those things to pay attention to even after your wedding is your body. It may seem difficult especially with all those tempting foods. As we all know, the unhealthy foods taste better. New wives want to please hubby with amazing recipes and end up serving him the extra large portions. After marriage, lots of people become laid back and just let nature take its course.

As a young adult under 25 years, you can eat as much as you want, exercise less and still maintain a toned figure. As one advances in age from late 20’s to 30’s and beyond, the body’s metabolism slows and you find yourself eating as much as you were eating when you were younger, perhaps exercising more but still gaining an extra kg each week! Before you know it, the jeans wouldn’t fit anymore.

Pregnancy and alcohol are two major culprits after marriage. After birth, the body may or may not return to its prenatal state with all the hormones coming out to play. The men on other the other hand may get so stressed with bringing in the bread and start to rely on drinking as a way to relax. All these and more are factors that add to weight gain.

However, there are few things to do to maintain that figure even after marriage.

Self-awareness: This is the first thing to do. Knowing yourself, your body type and what works for you. Some people have a faster metabolism than others: Regardless of what they eat, they remain slim, while others eat little and still add extra kgs. So basically, take time to understand your body.

The healthy option: So food producers and restaurants are now trying to incorporate the healthy option into every meal: less oil, grilling rather than frying, low-calorie drinks and meals in general. So when you go shopping or eat out, try to pick the healthy option.

Exercising: This is much talked about. Lots of fitness programmes and fitness coaches taking out time to preach fitness. With the chaos in the world, mums and dads are too busy making ends meet that they find it difficult to fit an exercise routine into their busy schedules. However this may be, try as much as you can to increase physical activity in your everyday routine.

Be honest: This may be very sensitive but stay honest with your partner and let them know if they are gradually getting out of shape. Don’t be shy to tell the truth. Create a regimen to get in shape that works for you both. If possible, work out together and create those healthy meal plans together.

Make the most of your life together by staying healthy.


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