Mutual respect is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. When mutual respect is lost often this means the end of the relationship.
If partners feel that they are not understood, and it is suspected that the other person has no respect for a different view or way of life creates stress. Eventually, the two partners will thus be unhappy in the relationship.

What is “mutual respect”?
It means that partners appreciate each other. For example, they will not deal with rude or being disrespectful to each other. They agree not insult or humiliate, either physically or verbally. Opinions and wishes are always serious and never treat them as non- essential.
Show respect. Not only the elimination of negative behavior towards each other, but also showing positive behavior. Just when you show positive and loving interest in what the other is doing, You show your respect for him / her.
For example, discuss at dinner the work of your partner, and show genuine interest. Ask more open questions.
Also, when you discuss important issues in the family it is essential that you respect each other’s opinion and insight. Do not try to improve the other and to reject his / her way of parenting. You difference in method of parenting is just where you show respect to each other. instead complement and reinforce each other.

How do you learn to respect each other in a relationship?
As partners consistently praise each other, the feelings of the other person will not be willfully harmed. So by giving each other positive feedback you will create respect.
Talk to your partner and treat him / her as you want to be treated. See each other as equal and value each other’s opinion.

How will you loose respect in a relationship?
Feelings of appreciation can slowly erode, when there is unwanted tension in a relationship. When a joint problem can not be solved, such as a financial setback, it can lead to anger and frustration. These negative feelings often cause the loss of respect for each other. We blame each other for failure or improper solve the problem. It is easy to project all your frustration on to your partner.
The preservation of respect in a relationship takes effort and requires maintenance. Without mutual appreciation for each other the relationship is doomed to die. Don’t take each other for granted.
We are all human beings with feelings. And if someone treats us negative and disrespectful, we instinctively react to that. When feelings are hurt, there will be similar respondses. Sarcasm, criticism and sometimes even humiliation are often reactions to feelings of being unappreciated.
Partners can show their feelings of disrespect sometimes very subtle but in devastating ways. A way of showing displeasure is to ignore or be indifferent to the partner.

How to restore your respect?
As partners start to treat one another disrespectful and this becomes a pattern, it’ll be very difficult to restore this.
When both partners are most of the time hostile and angry at each other and when they are not willing to change behavior in order to come closer to each other the situation will become more and more difficult to change. Often they have been attempting to change behavior, and they stopped again when they felt that not understood or appreciated by their partner.
But there is a way to try to restore the respect. Keep the two previous principles in mind:
You are only able to change your own behavior.
You are unable to change your partner’s behavior.
When their is tension in the relationship for a loss of respect for each other, it will be unlikely to bring both partners to change this. The best step at that time is to focus on yourself and your own behavior. Think back to the golden rule, “I treat my partner as I want to be treated myself”.
The temptation at this point to change the partner’s behavior is large, but it is unlikely that you will be successful in this.
Try to work on yourself. Learn to communicate with your partner again, accept your differences and appreciate his / her opinion. Lets give a positive signal to your partner and together you slowly work on rebuilding trust and showing respect to each other.





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