Choosing the right wedding date can be a bit of work because you need to
find one that fits into your schedule and that of your loved ones. You also
have to consider your budget, the season of the year and other factors. The
wedding date must fall in place with your plans to ensure things turn out
beautiful on that day.

Below are things you should consider before choosing your wedding date.

How long will the engagement last?

We all have a different perspective on how long we want to be engaged. It
could be for few months or a year. So consider that before picking a date.
However, it is essential you take time to plan and not rush into having a
wedding after the engagement.

Season for the year

Consider the time of year you want to get married. If your wedding is
strictly on a small budget, you should avoid getting married towards the
end of the year because things are quite expensive during this period.

Also, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, it is best you have your
wedding during the dry season. Hence, think about the seasons and which are
most convenient for you and your fiancé’s schedules and go from there.

The day of the week

Some people have their wedding during the week to cut cost and stick to a
budget. Also, if you don’t want a crowd at your wedding, you can decide to
pick a day of the week instead of the regular Saturdays or Sundays.

Will your loved ones be available on that day?

Everyone loves to get married in the presence of their families and loved
ones. Therefore, there is need to consider their availability before
picking a wedding date.


You should determine if your wedding vendors are available on that
particular day and if your wedding reception venue is free on your chosen

Once you’ve decided, start the countdown to your special day!




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