1. Wearing a white dress – Who says it has to be white? Or long? Or anything other than what you want to wear daily basis.Yes, it is your wedding but do you necessarily have to wear a white dress?Some have said the white dress symbolizes purity and virginity but tell me is that the reason you would be wearing a white dress?

2.Writing separate vows or  not writing your own vows at all – You may want to write them together or stick to the traditional and/or religious ones.

3.Wearing a veil – Your boo has been seen you, so why do you have to cover your face on that day?

4. Having an equal bridesmaids to groomsmen ratio – No one’s really going to notice or care if you have a gaggle of besties, and your guy only has his three groomsmen. And a good photographer can arrange the bridal party so your pics look awesome.

5. Sleeping apart the night before – In this day and age of most couples living together for years before they say “I do,” no one says you have to spend your last night as a Miss without your Mister. If you’re more comfortable being together, consider what my friend said she and her hubby did: “We slept together the night before our wedding, woke up, and said, ‘Let’s do this!’”

6.Going on the honeymoon right away – Sometimes, airfare is cheaper a week or 10 days after your wedding. Sometimes, you have to do a mini-moon instead. Or wait a year for your big trip, it doesn’t have to be immediately.


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