Relationship worries, are often symptoms of a fear of abandonment, which manifests in different ways. You might even be subconsciously reacting to something that happened years ago. Thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophecies. And when you let your fears and worries get out of control, you regularly communicate those messages, and they become toxic to your relationships.

Read on to see if any of these relationship worries sound familiar — and how you can stop them:

“He’s going to leave me.”

If you’re constantly fretting that he’ll split without warning, that fear can rear its ugly head via chronic anxiety about the closeness and distance in the relationship. More specifically, you’re hypersensitive and reactive to your partner’s need for space. For example: He innocently wants to spend some time with the guys on a Friday night, and you worry he’s pulling away.

This fear can have you avoiding relationships altogether, clinging to the other person as if your life depended on them, pushing the other person away or the classic ‘push/pull’ — alternating clinging with rejection.


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