1 .Show your appreciation daily by either doing or saying something

Everyone naturally likes gratitude and prefers staying among grateful people.Those little things you can say or do to your partner yields great rewards in the long run, making your relationship stronger and better. Appreciating him/her for everything, “saying thank you”,”Hugging” and even just kind words goes a long way.

2. Never take your partner for granted
Sometimes because of your familiarity with your partner, there’s a tendency to start taking them for granted.Knowing that everyone has a breaking and consciously trying to meet their needs is a vitae part to ensuring the sustainability of your relationship.

3.Watch how you fight and not what you fight about

Fights and misunderstandings are inevitable in a relationships but this must be done fairly. Instead looking for each other’s weakness and exploiting it, look for places where each partner’s goal overlaps into a common goal and build from there.

4 .Do your best to Meet your partner’s need
One sincere truth about Love is that it is not just a feeling, it is a also a trade and social exchange.For that feeling of love to continuously grow, the exchange has to be mutual. Both parties are required to give consciously.

5. Always try to keep things hot
People sometimes starts dealing with their partner in a normal way after they have dated for a while.They tend to start taking their partners for granted. It is important to continue seducing your partner, make him/her hunger for you.It would make your love live very vibrant and active






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