1. Use your money wisely
  • Proper planning for your wedding is a crucial part for the success of the wedding. Early enough work out a budget and start saving.
  • Do not take a loan or use a credit card for the big day because the money sunk into the big may not be recoverable. 5
  1. Shop Around
  • Service Providers – Get reviews on wedding venues and service providers. You can also get trusted friends to help you look around. Also, get to know whether the provider’s price fits into your wedding budget. Don’t be afraid to negotiate – after all, most providers hike their prices when they hear the word ‘wedding.’
  • Attire – Don’t rush to buy the first wedding gown you see. Remember that this dress is worn only once. Hiring a dress would make more sense.
  1. Take advantage of close friends and family
  • Organization – Use people around you who are trustworthy and responsible. A team of dedicated people will help with your errands, and run the wedding day for you.
  • Talents – If you have family members, who can cater, do décor or handle the music, ask them to do it for a friendly fee. Make sure you pay them, though.
  • Transport – Don’t go hiring expensive cars. A few relatively new, clean and well-maintained cars from friends and family will work perfectly.
  1. Catering
  • Use fruits and vegetables that are in season for the meal. That way you reduce your costs, and the guests get to eat fresh food.
  • If you can, buy all the ingredients yourself, hire a chef and a few waiters.
  • Keep your menu simple and colorful.
  1. Décor
  • Flowers – The best flowers to use are those in season, as they last longer. Place your flower arrangements at points where they will attract the most attention.
  • See what other options you have for décor that will fit into your color scheme, like dried flowers, paper lanterns, and many others.

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