Friends will come and go, children will grow up and leave, work associates will move and neighbors will relocate. But your spouse will remain in your life till death does you part.

Below are 10 things to watch out for in order to know if your man would make a good husband.

1. He believes and trusts in you

He doesn’t doubt you and believes in your dreams and aspirations.

2. He values your feelings

He considers how you would feel before taking any decision

3. He helps you get better

He does accept any negative talks you throw at yourself but helps you get better

4. He is Loyal and Faithful to you

He does not hide anything from you. you have access to everything and know what he does.

5. He gives you some time to yourself

He knows that sometimes, you need some time alone and respects that.

6.He knows your taste

He knows your favourite food, the kind of movies you watch and the places you like to visiit

7. He Remembers the Things and days special to you

He remembers your holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries

8. He Consoles you when you are in pain or feel Sad

He doesn’t like to see you sad or upset and does everything to make you always feel better

9. He laughs at your Jokes

..Even when it is not funny

10. You feel loved by him

You just know you are the love of his life and that feeling is so real and tangible.



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