An impressive space illuminated with colorful lights

For sore eyes it was a wonderful sight
Made to dazzle, (and indeed it did)  yet, not nearly as bright
nor beautiful as the Lady in White!
Shimmering splendor she personified
magnificent and gracious, radiant and glorified
many adjectives apt to add… but what had me satisfied…
Her happiness, for all to see, came from deep, from deep inside
I have heard many a tale, 
told by males, the in-betweens and females.
the wonders of love they all regale
that melodious feeling… beside my ears, a nightingale 
My friend was happy, yes She was.
Her smile genuine, extended, Her lips abuzz.
Her eyes alight, She made this obvious;
The legend was true, Love is Glorious!
I raised a glass
a toast to pass.
Eternal happiness, Love and a long life of class
the finest things, twins, fulfillment and pizzazz!
Adventure to look forward to,
A home to build… so much to do
together in unison, forever they do.
Happy married life to both of you!
To Feminy Damify, A lady I call Friend,
Who saw me when there was nothing much to see.
Whom to this day is worth her weight in gold.
Cheers to you
From deep within,
Your credentials are flawless, You deserve the very best.

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