“Vero, please attend to table five, remember to tell them we have a variety of exotic wine,” said Tunji.

“Yes sir,” answered Vero as she picked up the menu from the dark mahogany table placed in front of the bar.

She strutted in her usual demeanor towards the fifth table located in the center of the room.
The three gentlemen in fancy suits who sat on the table seemed engrossed in their discussion. They also looked familiar, like faces from her forgotten past.
“Hello gentlemen, good evening. My name is Vero. Please what will you like to…?”
“Anita?” asked Obinna.

Her face turned red. She could not believe it. A million questions flashed through her head- Obinna was supposed to be in the US, his mother said he would never come back, he said he would never hurt her again…What was he doing here?

“Pardon? My name is Veronica, not Anita sir” she retorted.

With that he pulled her left-hand and turned it side-up. The scar was there. The scar from the 12th of October, 1986, when she struggled for the knife in his hands just before he brutally murdered her lover.


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